Philosophy and Modalities

by Rachel Prairie


My philosophy is that within each of us is a Healer. Our bodies contain the wisdom to find health and harmony. My primary aim as the therapist is to provide a space where clients feel safe. Safety is one of the primary needs of every human being. When we are safe, all manner of healing is possible.

Beyond safety, as your therapist, I aim to facilitate structural alignment in your body by means of my skills and your active willingness. My goal is that you establish and nurture a respectful working relationship with your body.


I am fascinated by the fascial structures of the body. The fascial structures are the connective tissue or the webbing / wrapping paper within which the muscles, organs, nerves, and vessels are contained. Trauma is crystallized in the fascia. By releasing the fascia through Myofascial Release, we give the above-mentioned systems the possibility of improved movement and circulation. If the organs, muscles, and nerves are able to move, and if the alignment is improved, a greater potential for health becomes available to the individual.