New to Massage

by Rachel Prairie

What should I wear?

All treatments are done on a massage table. You will be laying on your front or back under a sheet and blanket, covered at all times. Some people feel most comfortable with underwear on; others prefer not. Generally, it is best to remove anything that might restrict circulation, such as a bra. Some people prefer to leave their socks on in cold weather. Most important is that YOU are comfortable and feel safe.

Is there anything I should bring to a treatment?

A quick checklist includes:

  • water
  • warm layers for after treatment
  • a small snack such as a piece of fruit, crackers, or an energy bar to ground and ensure a safe trip home
  • payment method

How should I prepare?

Drink lots of water throughout the day of your treatment. It’s advisable to eat a healthy meal, but it’s best to be finished an hour before you get on the table.

I encourage you to listen to your intentions and reasons for getting a massage, to keep them in focus before and after your treatment.

If there is an artist, an album, a genre of music, or a specific mantra that makes you most comfortable in a healing space, I am happy to use it. Please bring a CD or your iPod / iPhone to the treatment. Don’t feel that you have to bring something! I can provide music or silence, depending on your preference.

What lotions or oils do you use?

I use little oil or lotion in my work. What I do use is grapeseed oil because it provides some fluidity without being overly oily, plus it has health benefits for the skin.

What about scents and essential oils?

I don’t use a lot of scents unless they are specifically requested or I feel strongly called to use them. For example, when a patient could use additional grounding, I’ll bring in the aroma of vetiver. If you have a specific aroma request, please don’t hesitate to ask for its inclusion in the treatment.

What should I do after a session to follow up?

Follow up with lots of water and a warm Epsom salts bath to finalize your self-care.

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