by Rachel Prairie

Rachel Prairie is a Self-Proclaimed Embodiment Cheerleader!


“Let there be no doubt that our bodies are the vessel of wisdom and deep knowing.”


In 2010, she graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy with Honors, and became a Board Certified Bodyworker.

In 2012, she expanded her studies into the Brook Institute, the Barral Institute and the Daoist Dipper School.  These studies have solidified her belief in birth advocacy, bodymind intelligence and the resiliency of the human body.

Annually, she and her partner, Damian, coordinate somatic and dance based retreats in the Somatic Harvest Retreat in the San Luis Valley and co-host the Healer’s Tent at the Arise Music Festival in Loveland. Rachel Prairie feels gratefully nourished and held by the friendships and dances of the Boulder Contact Improv Community.


What’s unique about Rachel Prairie’s approach to bodywork is the immense respect that she has for the wisdom inherent in each body: Miraculous and mysterious, and thank heavens, wise beyond words, quite literally. That’s right, our bodies are the wisdom keeper of our lives, our heritage, our world.


“When working with a client, I am invited and being welcomed into their entire living existence, their whole experience. I stay intuitive, stay present and maintain the container.”


The above statement is foundational to her bodywork. By staying intuitive, she stays connected to the wisdom of her own body. By staying present, she stays responsive to the subtle and obvious signals of the clients’ body. By inviting and maintaining the safe container, she acknowledges that the first step towards healing is a safe environment. It’s within that safe environment, that whatever level a client is willing to approach, feel and heal within themselves is where the work can start.

Rachel Prairie’s bodywork is based in a Deep Tissue Myofascial approach.  She uses slow, firm contact to bring awareness to tissues and tension.  Additionally, she utilizes Swedish Massage to flush and increase fluid circulation;  Trigger Point Therapy to address long standing points of stagnation in the muscle bellies; and other Neuromuscular Therapies to assist clients recovering from sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries, postural imbalances and surgical interventions.  In the past four years of practice, she has worked in numerous professional environments that have exposed her to a diverse spectrum of client needs and circumstances.  Rachel Prairie is equipped and qualified to work with clients ranging from those who need prenatal care to those living with scoliosis.